At Mill 72 Bake Shop & Cafe, we’ve always had a passion for baking, for coffee and for connection. So when the opportunity presented itself for this dream to become a reality, we leapt.

Growing up in Manheim, we are proud to locally source our ingredients. This town is important to us and we love that we can bring to life a historic building.

Behind the Name

Mill 72’s name was born out of our family and our town’s rich history.

The name “Mill” derives from our last name – Miller. Our family has a history in owning and working a family-owned corn meal mill.

The “72” was born out of the Cafe’s location along Manheim’s Route 72.

We love that our name has this meaning behind it and ties in aspects of our family, both past and present.


The History of the Building

We love the rich history that comes with our building.

What began as Zimmerman’s Garage and Repair Shop in 1907, then became Spahr Garage in 1939 and finally Bickel’s Potato chip in 1954. 

This building housed many great companies and we are so excited to be a part of its story!

You can read more about the history of our building and see copies of newspaper articles in the cafe.